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  Five-Star Sports is made of a first-class professional coaching team, lead by top-of-the-line foreign basketball coaches. Put through a rigorous interview process, we look for coaches that are rich in experience, including high level competition experience and coach's training. Once part of the team we put all our coaches through our own comprehensive training sessions, where we not only cover basketball theorem, but also the best ways to stimulate our players’ learning potential and love for the game. Our system helps ensure that players learn skills correctly and improve quickly, all in a high energy and fun environment.

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Release time: 2018 - 01 - 02
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Bill Zheng is currently a Chinese basketball coach for Five-Star Sports. He is also the head of the overnight camps and the Xiangmi Lake teaching point, as well as the Power+ course coach. He has received much guidance and training from the director of Five-Star basketball coaches, Bob Pierce, along with many other excellent Chinese and foreign coaches. From this, Bill has learned many different European and American teaching styles and coaching characteristics. Below is a brief list of his coaching resume: · Coaching experience in English, teaching over 800 classes· H...
Release time: 2018 - 04 - 11
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Pau Su has been engaged in youth basketball training for 4 years, and has gained rich teaching and team leading experience. He is very familiar with the course syllabus and is excellent at communicating with children. Since 2014, he has been an Assistant Basketball Coach with Five-star Sports, and he is now the Head Coach of a Five-Star Club Team. He has been under the instruction of our teaching director, Bob Pierce, along with other various excellent foreign coaches to learn advanced American basketball teaching concepts and methods. During his time with Five-Star, he has led teams in d...
Release time: 2018 - 04 - 11
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Release time: 2018 - 04 - 11
点击次数: 104
Joey Ji is currently a Chinese basketball coach with Five-star Sports. He has 2 years of American youth basketball training and coaching experience (English teaching), working with ages 3-18 year olds, and has long been instructed by Five-Star Sports teaching director and NBA Heat Asian scout, Bob Pierce. In cooperation with many excellent Chinese and foreign coaches, Joey has continuously learned many different European and American teaching styles and characteristics, and has profound insights into American basketball. He has the ability to create a fun environment while helping student...
Release time: 2018 - 01 - 02
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Currently, he is a Chinese basketball coach in the chengdu branch of five star sports.I have 12 years of rich experience in school team training and competition. During more than two years of teaching in the five star sports school, I not only served as a teaching assistant, but also served as the head coach of special training courses for shooting, helping over 20 students to correct shooting skills and improve their shooting percentage.  Felix coach is trusted and recognized by parents and is one of the most popular coaches among students.major experiences:  Officially certified sh...
Release time: 2018 - 09 - 19
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Allen Lin is the Chinese Head Coach in Five-star Sports. He has been engaged in basketball training for 4 years and has received long-term training to improve his ability to teach the sport. He is familiar with the teaching concepts and methods of American basketball, and has profound insights into the contents of all Five-Star basketball curriculum and syllabus. He has also engaged in many large-scale training camps and youth basketball tournaments along with the foreign coaches, and achieved good results. Summing up a set of basketball teaching methods that can help children grow up qui...
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